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Strategic Creative Design Studio

My boutique studio is small enough (me) with very low overhead and in position to offer you exceptional service as I dedicate my time and projects  and introductory rates for the services of my strategic creative studio. I help organizations grow through expert brand strategy and design. My approach is thoughtful, collaborative, and rooted in real business goals. 

Serve a wide ranging diverse clientele in mutual pursuit of creating, improving, and building refreshing, sustainable, highly recognizable and resilient brands driven by strategy,  creativity, great design & public relations.




My Background

Charles A. Strackbein

Designer / Project Manager / Agent / Promoter / Event Producer

Born & Raised in Michigan.

All through my life I have found myself managing a  variety of work, various projects, products and services, much of it involving planning, problem solving and creativity. 

My roots are in lego's and lincoln logs, paints, markers and crayons, and all types of stuff to draw on with and boundless ideas of things to draw and build. 

I "discovered" architecture for the first meaningful time on the first day of high school I began developing my architectural drafting and design skills early in high school and continue my love and study of architecture to this day. I went to college at the University of Detroit while working for a few of the nations & worlds most prominent firms. I feel fortunate as much of this work has found me.

I have a wide-ranging skillset coupled with project management know-how and innovative solutions that help bring your business to higher levels.

CAS: Designer / Project Manager / Agent / Promoter


My Medium

I use many different mediums, such as pencils &  markers on sketch paper to get things going.  I quickly move to a digital platform. I have fun experimenting in other mediums such as water colors, crayons and clay. Just about anything can be used to make art and / or become art. I believe that working in a single medium is restrictive to my artistic process. Each idea manifests in its own process and individual style.


My Inspiration

I enjoy reading, history, imagining the future, architecture, taking care of, playing with and walking my good boy Max (my dog), water gardens and my koi fish in my spare time.

Much of my inspiration comes from our natural environment, from ancient times off to an imagination of the future off in  the farthest reaches of space.

I am also inspired by the designers I have worked for and with at prestigious architectural firms including Smith Hinchman & Grylls, Albert Khan and Wah Yee & Associates. In the cannabis industry Ive worked for and with the top firms & stars in our industry including BDT Smoke Shops, Jack Herer & Tommy Chong.



1984 Recipient of the Ralph Warner Hammett AIA DESIGN AWARD. • 

1984;1st Place: Annual Architectural Design Competition, co-sponsored by the American Institute of Architects; 1st  Place: Annual Design Competition sponsored by the Michigan Society of Architects. 



CAS Clients

Ralph Youngren Architect

Jeff Stebar Architect

United Benefactors Association

B.D.T. Smoke Shops 

Scarsella Homes LLC

United Benefactors Association

Huron River Ventures LLC

Creative Recreation LLC

Monroe Street Fair

Green Light Advisors LLC

Verve Stars LLC

Chong’s Choice

Medical Marijauna Championship Tournaments

Ann Arbor Hustes Smarter

Growth Highway Agency

Darren McCarty

Nay Nay’s Nibblets & Creations

Mary Jane Marks

Bumblebee Gas LLC

Detroit Ruffians Club

CAS Design Studio

Monroe Street Fair Clients

Event Clients

Green Planet

Cannabis Counsel




Depot Town


Matt Roman - Law Offices of Barton Morris


I-Tal Hemp Wick

BullDog Provisioning Center

Jackson County Compassion Club


Grow Green Mi

13 Glass

Intessa Certification Center

Cafe Liv & Wellness

The Grow Show

A-Game Apparel

Satisfied Customers

Chong’s Choice

Weed Maps

Cannabis Council

Ann Arbor Wellness Collection

Power Puff Girls

Oxygen Bar

Kettle Korn Kerry