Design Drawings, Sketches

Here are a few of my designs and drawings.

I love design and I really really love architecture and enjoy talking with anyone about  why and how architecture and design matter.

Let's talk about design

Design Drawings, Sketches By CAS

Monroe Street Fair

Site Plan

B.D.T. Smoke Shops

Proposed B.D.T. Smoke Shops Relocation

Proposed Exterior Facade Renovation

Proposed Chrysler Drive Provisioning Center

Architectural Design Drafting & Project Management

Wah Yee & Associates

Farmington Hills

Showcase Homes

Birmingham, MI

Architectural Design Drafting

Smith Hinchmen & Grylls

Detroit, MI

Ralph Yongren, Architect & SH & G

Bloomfield Hills, MI

Jeff Stebar Architect

Utica, MI

Tomas Tibbles Architect

Kailua Kona, Hawaii

Architectural Design School Projects

Henry Ford High School Projects

Utica, MI

University of Detroit Projects

Detroit, Mi

Macomb Community College Projects

Warren, MI